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Benchmark Founder & CEO, Judith
E. Glaser is a frequent and in some
instances, regular guest of nationally
renowned, syndicated radio Hosts,
Business Experts & their programs.

Jim Blasingame, David Rock, Amy Dorn
Kopelan and Sharon Livingston among
others, feature Judith, her insights,
expertise and Neuroscience of WE.

Listen Online to selections from among Judith E. Glaser’s latest National Radio Interviews!

Judith E. Glaser with Jim Blasingame
October 20, 2009 – Breast cancer
awareness featuring survivors who are
valued members of Blasingame’s Brain
Trust, including Judith E. Glaser.

Judith E. Glaser with Jim Blasingame
October 15, 2009 – featuring her new
co-authored book, 42 Rules for Creating
– an Amazon Best Seller, achieving
#1 in Leadership, Management,
Motivation and Organizational Behavior

and #2 in Movers and Shakers.

The Business Week Interview – Judith
with Senior Editor, Diane Brady and her
second best seller, The DNA of Leadership.

Judith E. Glaser with Jim Blasingame
July 7, 2009 –  According to experts, WE
have not one brain, but five (perhaps six).
Judith talks with Jim about new perspectives
on how multi-brain small business owners
behave, including how all of this manifests
in the social networking universe.

Judith E. Glaser & Amy Dorn Kopelan
November 5, 2008 – Judith joins the CEO
of Guru Nation, the definitive destination,
community and network for accessing
Gurus in business – hear one of Judith’s
live, monthly sessions as a Guru.

Judith E. Glaser with Jim Blasingame
December 3, 2008 Think you have just
one brain? Judith Glaser explains how WE
humans actually have five – each reacting
processing, and thinking differently.

Judith E. Glaser
& Founder

Communications, Inc.


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